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Professional background in a nutshell: During the day, I hold a position as a research engineer/scientist in Research & Development for the BBC. It’s a job, I have had the privilege to hold for more than a decade. I have been able to work in a lot of areas which help design and build the future of visual experiences presented on different types of screens. I tend to stick to interactive & immersive media. I am especially interested in how audiences respond to novel experiences. My interests lie in the fields of human-computer interaction, user research, (social) virtual reality, augmented reality and responsive experiences that flow over the many devices in our lives. Take a look in my portfolio to read about some of my projects.

I have held various service roles in professional bodies. My current roles include:

I have a more chonologically arranged professional profile on LinkedIn.

Personal background: I was born in Sri Lanka, brought up (with homeschooling) in Nigeria as a child of expat parents, before coming over to the UK to attend University. As a child, I wanted to either make beautiful cartoons or photograph the horizon of the Earth against a sunrise. These are still works in progress and I have gotten distracted along the way.