Volunteer Roles

  • – Technical Programme Chair, ACM IMX 2018
  • – Diversity Chair and Doctoral Consortium Chair, ACM IMX 2020,
  • – General Chair, ACM IMX 2021,
  • – Steering Committee member, ACM IMX (2019-present),
  • Vice President of Conferences for ACM IMX (2019-present)
  • – Adjunct Chair for Equity for ACM SIGCHI (2020-present);

BBC STEM Ambassador

I am passionate about diversity & inclusion in STEM fields through delivering career talks, reverse mentoring, designing processes/procedures/policy to improve working practice & being open to learning about new communities.

So if those are activities you are organising or planning, please reach out.

Led design and implementation of virtual social spaces on Mozilla Hubs to host various tracks for IMX 2020. Read my report for SIGMM records!

Leading design of hybrid virtual space to host physical attendees and remote participants in ACM IMX 2021.

Industry co-Chair

IEEE conference on Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality (AIVR) in 2020.

Co-Editor of Electronics journal

Special issue on “Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality and Interactive Media Experience” in 2021.

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