Recent workshops/presentations I enjoyed organising (or giving)…

  • Internal demonstrations and knowledge transfer activities colleagues:
    • technical colleagues in order to enable effective cross-disciplinary collaborations and
    • non-technical but established, innovative, content-creator colleagues in order to achieve awareness over time.
  • Running brainstorming workshops as part of innovation and brainstorming hubs aiming to explore novel experience formats through an exploration of user needs.
  • Annual cross-industry collaborative demonstrations and stand-alone organisational prototype showcases at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC).
  • External demonstrations in order to demonstrate the potential of technical standards to industry partners:
    • to showcase prototypes and trial ideas in order to collect recommendations for future technical standards,
    • to demonstrate progress of deliverables as part of collaborative project meetings and/or
    • to build awareness in outreach programmes.

September 2021,
The Future of Neuroscience and New Media, 3rd Neuroergonomics Conference
– Invited talk,
– Fireside Chat with Industry leaders
Jun 2021,
Closing Ceremony presentation, hosting keynotes and Organisation, ACM IMX
Jun 2021,
London, UK
Designing for the Future: Anticipating the needs of BBC audiences, Guest lecture
– Invited talk,
– UCL Interaction Centre, University College London  
December 2020,
Manchester, UK
What next for VR?, VR Manchester – Review of 2020
– Invited Panel
November 2020,
Introduction to Social VR, BBC STEM Outreach event – KS3.
Guidebook to Playing on Mozilla Hubs
– Suggested first activity instructions to Exploring Mozilla Hubs
– Attached PDFs has been stripped off the BBC logo. They were originally created as part of a BBC Young Reporters’ BBC STEM activity.
November 2020,
Manchester, UK
Designing for the Future: Anticipating the needs of BBC audiences on (immersive) platforms, 6th International ARVR Conference
– Invited Keynote
Jun 2020,
Barcelona, Spain
Toys and the TV: Serious Play, ACM IMX half-day virtual Workshop
– Reviewed & curated track,
– In collaboration with BBC Childrens’, IRT and ZDF  

AR Creative Challenge: Reimagine the Future of Storytelling with Augmented Reality, ACM IMX full-day special virtual Workshop
– Invited track,
– Co-organised with Snap Research and Microsoft Research
Apr 2020,
Hawaii, USA
Social VR: A New Medium for Remote Communication & Collaboration, ACM SIGCHI half-day Workshop
– Reviewed and curated track,
– Virtual workshop in Mozilla Hubs
In collaboration with CWI, Facebook, FXPAL, TU Eindhoven and Mozilla  
Mar 2018/9,
London, UK
Future Media Interfaces, Guest lecture
– Invited talk,
UCL Interaction Centre, University College London  
Mar 2019,
Belem, Brazil
Enabling Richer Interactions delivering (synchronised) connected multi-device experiences, Jornada de Cooperação Internacional half-day guest lecture
– Invited talk,
Universidade Federal do Pará  

Generating ideas for the future of TV, Half-day Workshop –
– Invited,
Universidade Federal do Pará
Oct 2018,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Virtual Embodiment for Good, VR Days Europe 2018
– Invited panel moderation
Apr 2018,
London, UK
Companion “screens”: Enabling richer interactions, HCI Open Day
– Reviewed and curated track,
– City, University of London
Nov 2017,
Insights into VR and 360, World Broadcasting Union’s International Media Connectivity Group
– Invited presentation & panel moderation,
– WBU Forum